Are You Traveling? If So, Here Are Ways to Prevent Dental Emergencies

If you’re about to hit the road, it’s best to plan for your smile. No one wants to experience a dental emergency, especially if they are away from home, so our team is happy to help you keep your smile and oral health in tip-top shape as you travel. We recommend doing the following things:… Read more »

Cavity Restoration 101

Along with excellent daily oral care–brushing at least twice each day and flossing at least once daily–keeping up with periodic dental checkups is your biggest preventative for dental caries along with gum disease. We also check to make sure old dental fillings aren’t leaking, causing further decay. Checkups allow your dentist to find early signs… Read more »

Screening for Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer

Screening for oral cancer and pharyngeal cancer is more important now than ever. In the past, the highest risk for oral cancer was linked to smoking, tobacco use, and excess alcohol consumption. But recently, this cancer is rising in the younger generation due to HPV, so much so that contracting HPV (the human papillomavirus) is… Read more »

Spring Cleaning for a Healthier Smile

Spring is in the air, and it feels like a renewal and rebirth after the dreary long nights and short days of winter.  Many of us have the urge to rejuvenate with a good spring cleaning, so why not refresh our oral habits for a brighter smile? Toothbrush Spring is the perfect time to replace old… Read more »

A Filling Can Restore a Minor Area of Tooth Decay

Even the most effective and diligent oral hygiene routine can still allow a small cavity to develop on one of your teeth. Most cavities are found during the course of your regular dental checkup. However, if you do notice one in your mouth, or you have a tooth that has recently developed a sensitivity issues… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Gum Chewing

Did you know that some gum has earned the ADA’s seal of approval? Does that mean that chewing gum is good for your teeth? Should you add chewing gum to your daily routine? In reality, gum, even with the ADA’s seal of approval, can be good and bad for your teeth. When you eat, acids… Read more »

Baby Teeth 101

Your baby’s teeth and gums need tending even before their first dental visit, which should take place by their first birthday, or six months after their first tooth erupts. Before then you can clean baby’s gums with a soft, clean washcloth and once the teeth begin erupting, brush the teeth gently with plain water several… Read more »

Enamel Is Strengthen by Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride occurs in nature. It can often be found in very small concentrations in certain natural water sources. A significant amount of research has found that low doses of fluoride in multiple sources will help to strengthen your tooth enamel. On a microscopic level, enamel is composed of minerals and crystal structures. Acidic foods and… Read more »

Your Oral Health and Toothpaste

Do you work hard to take care of your smile? Do you carefully brush and floss your teeth every day? Do you take the time to visit your dentist every six months to protect your oral health? If you do all of these things, good for you—but what would you do if you find you… Read more »

5 Tips to a Healthier Smile This Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving is near filling the air with delicious aromas of pumpkin pies and roasted turkeys. This year, why not keep track of your oral care by using these five helpful tips. These tips will navigate you through the holiday season so you know what foods to avoid, so you… Read more »